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Digital heart

Innovate and build a competitive edge

Introduce business-focused digital service flows that seamlessly connect with your network of users, data, and systems. Deliver personalized user touchpoints to improve your user experience.

Value network

Drive action and collaboration

Drive user engagement throughout their entire journey—before, during, and after interactions. Implement automated business logic to streamline different stages, seamlessly integrate with your data and systems, and personalize the experience whenever necessary.

  1. Convert with embedded services or direct links
  2. Trigger new users to act via emails, SMSs or APIs
  3. Activate follow-up flows and status updates
  4. Update changes in real-time and keep everyone on track
For who

From startups to existing businesses


Lovable self-services

Engage users on their terms and deliver immediate value with personalized user interfaces. Launch quickly by using Uniqore SDK or connect with your custom headless frontend.


Purposeful communication

Activate and notify users in real-time or scheduled. Send verifications, receipts, magic links, requests to act, and status updates automatically - whatever you need and whenever it is reasonable.

Embedded demo

This "Moving company" demo is a real application created with Uniqore and embedded on this page. It includes SDK-powered frontend, Airtable integration, automated messages and customized business logic.

Business logic

Capabilities & building blocks

100% modifiable to your business needs, of course.


Secure with authentication flows such as OTP, login or magic links.


Enable service/product configurations with price calculations.


Bring your catalogue and checkout with orders or offer requests.


Collect customer feedback, ratings or survey results.


Collect and transfer data with secure forms.


Change the status of orders, requests or process stages.

Maps & Distance

Locate and calculate distance with Google Maps API.


Guide users and verify changes with thank you pages.


Connect with external payment services such as Stripe and Paypal.


Connect with your calendar to offer time-sensitive services.


Let users share content in their own channels.

Status pages

Communicate the state of the service delivery in a real-time.

Need more? Uniqore is an API-first platform enabling developers to efficiently connect new capabilities and solutions with modern APIs.


Connect with your ecosystem

Already have an API-powered solution in use? Uniqore API lets you connect with external solutions and help you to maximize the existing investments.

Our new ordering system is visual, easy to use and enables us to have a smooth customer experience.

Emilia Järvinen
Use cases

What would you like to build?

From simple forms to collaborative service flows. Safely expand your platform capabilities or launch new business opportunities.

B2B offer requests, quotation and orders for configurable products and services

Booking service for meetings, spaces and time-sensitive products

Service forms for maintenance, support and sales with location-based calculation

Order flow with catalogue, product pages, checkout and payments

Fulfil tasks, orders and processes, and notify users from changes in real-time

Controls and order flows for physical API-powered products (IoT)

Event registration followed up with personalized event page

What would you like to build?
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